Global washing machine market to exceed $32,000 million by 2026

NEW DELHI: With the outbreak of Covid2019 and people becoming more hygiene conscious, the global washing machine market is forecast to grow at a rate of over seven per cent during 2021-2026, revealed a report by global management consulting firm TechSci Research. Increased demand for home appliance automation is driving the market for washing machines. The expanded number of double income households combined with lacking time for clothing has prompted developing demand for washing machines.

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Fox Corp Q2 revenue jumps 8% to $4.09 billion

NEW DELHI: Fox Corp beat Wall Street expectations in its second fiscal quarter, with revenue of $4.09 billion improving eight per cent from the corresponding quarter last year.

Total quarterly revenues increased from last year's $3.78 billion driven by revenue growth at the television and cable network programming segments. Adjusted net income attributable to stockholders increased 45 per cent to $93 million from the $64 million reported in the year ago period.

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Guest column: How packaged sweets is revolutionising packaged food industry

NEW DELHI: With the packaged food industry as a whole evolving and maturing in the country in recent years, packaged sweets have come to register as an integral part of that process. In fact, the traditional popularity of sweets coupled with an increased consumer consciousness of hygiene and cleanliness has made sure that packaged sweets have acquired an extraordinary traction. Popularity of sweets offered in a hygienic package itself in a way is giving a fillip to the packaged food industry in the country.

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Guest column: Roll camera, action - the show must go on

MUMBAI: ZeeL music cluster deputy business head Pankaj Balhara shares his learnings from 2020:

1. TV is king

We always had the conviction within the network about the power of TV, and all those questions were put to rest with the trends and data seen during the lockdown – that OTT and TV can co-exist. Specifically, with our TG (the youth), their consumption also increased during the lockdown but overall, it has remained consistent since the past four to five years.

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#Forecast2021: E-commerce industry set for a massive uptick

NEW DELHI: Remember the good ol’ days when we could go to the corner store and buy essentials without fear of catching some newly fangled disease? All that changed with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Lockdown was imposed, and only a minimal number of mom and pop stores and modern trade outlets were allowed to open with a specified in-store limit. This led to the quick adaptation of digital medium by people for fulfilling their daily needs.

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How 2020 turned out for Zee English cluster

MUMBAI: Despite the challenging business environment, 2020 was a year of adaptability, growth and innovation. During the lockdown, television came across as a trusted medium. There was significant growth in TV viewership, led by more walk-ins as well as more time spent on television. The Zee English cluster of channels grew by 93 per cent (BARC data week 12-week 22 vs week 1 to week 11).

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82% people are worried about carrying germs in clothes: Whirlpool & Kantar survey

KOLKATA: Whirlpool of India, the world’s leading kitchen and laundry home appliance company, facilitated a survey with Kantar to understand how consumers are responding to the hygiene and sanitation of their clothes. In the current environment, people world-over are concerned about keeping themselves and their surroundings germ-free and sanitized. Extra precautions are being taken every step of the way to minimize interaction with the outside world. 

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Guest column: What not to do - A revelation in the times of Covid2019

MUMBAI: As we now stand in 2021, I remember a strategy quote by Sissy Gavrilaki which reads, “Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.” When the bullet of Covid2019 pierced through our uneventful and routine lives, we didn’t know what hit us. There was pandemonium, anxiety, struggle, outbursts all around us – in every household of every city belonging to every country. All we saw, heard, spoke of was Covid2019 which had become the centre of all our lives and livelihoods.

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